Introduction to Look for Life

The Genetic Eye Foundation has a rich history spanning more than 30 years of service in eye care in Australia. In this time, non-profit organisations have become increasingly competitive for resources and funding, pushing foundations like ours to re-think the way they operate.

With an eye to the future of the organisation and to revitalise our position as a non-profit eye-health organisation in Australia, the Board has chosen to update the look and feel of our Foundation to help take our work to a much broader audience and improve our commercial appeal.

After many hours of brainstorming by our Junior Board led, by Alex Coroneo and Gus Clarke, and in consultation with Foundation members, “The Look for Life Foundation” has been chosen as the new name of the Genetic Eye Foundation. We feel “The Look for Life Foundation” offers a more positive, fresh and youthful appeal, and better reflects the vision and ideals upon which our Organisation was originally constituted.

While the Foundation has introduced a new name, our commitment to our founder, Dr Frank Halliday’s vision, will remain the same. Our new name is just the start of a revitalisation of the way we operate and we are looking forward to bringing you on our journey.

A Little About the Well Eye

Eyes are a key part of our visual system (including the optic nerves, pathways within and including the visual part of the brain) – a truly awesome organ. Darwin referred to it as the organ of “extreme perfection and complication”, worried how it could possibly have evolved without some form of divine intervention.

Eyes harness the medium of light and as telecommunication companies are now rediscovering, light is a fantastic means by which to convey information. Nothing travels faster, it moves in straight lines, is reflected, refracted and kaleidoscopes into different colours. If it didn’t exist it would have been on a wish list as a perfect medium.

Minas T Coroneo AO
Professor and Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology,
UNSW at Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney Australia, Chairman, Look for Life Foundation, Sydney.